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Visbel Technologies

Solutions using JET Principle  JET-Just Enough Technology. that grows with the client, easy to use, maintain and secure.


Visbel leverages proven software development methodologies to deliver enterprise applications on-time, on-scope, and on-budget. We provide full development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, software engineering, configuration, testing, documentation, and release management.

Our analysts, architects and developers work together collaboratively with multiple stakeholders to create a flexible and adaptive solution that meet today’s needs while anticipating tomorrow’s requirements.

As Illustrated, the iterative approach allow the user to be part of the development cycle as their idea is brought to fruition.

Visbel provides data solutions using Microsoft technologies in following areas:

  • ETL.
  • Master Data Services.
  • Big Data.
  • Data Mining (Predictive Analysis).
  • Visualization/Reporting.
  • MS Office Integration.

We specializes in gathering data from hetergenous data sources (flate file, Web Service, Relational DB's, Messagingm) and store in a customized database design to match your enterprise infrastructure. This data then can be filtered, cleaned, and modeled to facilitate dimensional modeling to generate SSAS cube databases.

Our expertise on Enterpise Data Integration with the capacity exceeding 1 TB is well suited for:

  • Healthcare.
  • Federal and State Government.
  • Financial.

Visbel's mobile app development strategy focusses on app specific business logic to reside on a centralized server with concentration on User Interface on the native mobile development platform. This yields the best of both worlds as native app can be optimized for a specific platform, while business logic can be maintained within the enterprise.
If the App is heavy on data (Tabular layout) the growing trend of desinging as HTML and deploying as native App(Phone Gap) can be a potential solution.

The client can also leverage on existing web-site by creating a mobile specific layout with the same underlying functionlity as the main web.
Visbel provides SDLC services for mobile app development by understanding the app requirments and designing solution across full range of form factors.

As wireless communication methods becomes powerful in smart phone and tablets, a new paradign of conventional electronic gadgets/toys are able to communicate to the world. i.e Internet Of Things.
Visbel provides solutions in this space by designing/extending the electronic gadget to communicate with the mobile device, develop mobile app and server side development to store/analyze the data.

Visbel Provide Security Analysis Services for:

  • Code
  • Data Storage
  • Architecture
  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • C & A
  • FDA Quality Assurance

Programming is the fundamental building block of any functional software module. This module can be a low level device driver that controls the peripherals or a high level app that solves a business specific problem. Visbel provides the security analysis services as a code reader and a penetration tester. With expertise on C/C++, Java, .NET, Scripting Languages and deployment like device driver, Client App, Server App, Browser Scripting we can navigate the code to create attach scenarios and verify it by executing the module as a black box. Visbel maintains it's expertise by keeping up to date with evolving vulnerabilities, and re-producing in it's controlled cyber-security lab. This technique also allow us to provide a remedial solution for the vulnerability as the fix is verified prior to deployment.